Kernel32.dll invalid page fault

Over the past 4 weeks, my operating system has become unstable.  If the computer is left idle for an hour or two, or more recently while operating in Word, explorer or Netscape I get the following message:
This program has performed an illegal operation and will be shut down.  Quit all programs and then restart your computer .. If problem persists,  contact the program vendor.

Invalid page fault module Kernel32.dll and then the code varies

Netscape 0137:  Bff9A28C
Connect  0137: B77711be
Word      0137:Bff9A28C

I have a Dell Dimension XPS100 with an intel overdrive 166 chip total Ram of 48MB.  I have plenty of hard drive space and my resources are fine typically at 70-75% GDI.

I have recently recreated my password list file, but that did not help.

I will try to download a new Kernel32.dll upgrade for WIN95 to see if that helps.

Any suggestions please.

If I have to reload WIN95, I would like to keep my existing desktop if possible.



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    Don't bother downloading a Kernel32.dll -- that's not WHERE the probem is, it is just reporting the problem that is originating elsewhere.  
     Do you have any of the Win95 Service packs installed?

KaseyAuthor Commented:
No.  I have no service packs instsalled to the best of my knowledge.
I think I have this problem before relating to Kernel32.dll error.  I used to get this when I run the RealPlayer G2.  I solved this by copying these system files:  DCIMAN.DLL and DCIMAN32.DLL from the hidden folder SYSBCKUP.  Then paste it into SYSTEM folder.  Hope that'll work.  Let us know how you are doing.
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check for any service packs and critical updates.
Try moving the following files to another directory: C:\windows\user.dat
and C:\windows\system.dat. The 2 files that contain the registry. After moving them windows should crash. Reboot and windows will give an error saying that the registry is corrupt and was repalced with a known good copy. If this doesn't ork just move the 2 files back.

Re-installing might work but try the service packs and critical updates first. Delete or move the following files first: C:\windows\ and C:\windows\system\Krnl386.exe.
Install windows into your original windows directory and your desktop should be fine.

KaseyAuthor Commented:

Thanks for the advice.  I only had the problem once yesterday since I recreted the password list.  I will search for upgraded service packs
and install them.  I will then see if the problem has fixed itself before messing with the registry.

Kasey, I have here an internet address that will give you more info than you can imagine on your problem. I had the same exact problem 6 months ago and this helped. Here it is:

I hope it helps.

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