Problems with backticks


I have developed a perl script to dynamically build an html page from a supplied text file.

On my RedHat Linux box it works perfectly yet on my ISPs FreeBSD box I have a problem. All I want to do is return the day of the week for a given date (not always today's date)

On RedHat Linux:

$dw = "25/12/1999";
$DofW = `date --date "$dw" +%w`;

... works perfectly and $DofW contains 6 indicating a Saturday. (It took me a while to figure out I needed double quotes around $dw)

On my ISPs box, I find from the man page for date, that the above date command doesn't work the same. I need to call it like this:

$DofW = `date -v25d -v12m -v1999y \"+%u\"`;

The problems occur when I replace the 25, 12 and 1999 with variables.  

I /split/ the required date into @Date then assign......

$Day = $Date[0];
$Month = $Date[1];
$Year = $Date[2];

# I then try the following 4 lines.....

$TD = "date -v".$Day."d -v".$Month."m -v".$Year."y \"+%u\"";
$DofW1 = `$TD`;
$DofW2 = `"$TD"`;
$DofW3 = `date -v25d -v12m -v1999y \"+%u\"`;

# Printing out the 4 values into html I get:

$TD : date -v 25d -v12m -v1999y:
$DofW1 ::
$DofW2 ::
$DofW3 :6 :

(The colons ':' are mine to indicate boundaries)

So why does my manual $DofW3 work (Returning 6 for a Saturday) yet the other two don't?
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UplandAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
#it looks like $Day had an extra space
use Time::Local;
$dw = "25/12/1999";
$DofW = (gmtime timegm 0,0,0,$Date[0],$Date[1]-1,$Date[2]-1900)[6];
#should be portable to any operating system

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Maybe $Day has a leading space, it has in the output -
  $TD : date -v 25d -v12m -v1999y:
don't know which Unix you're using, my date(1) hasn't got -v option, so I can't test it.
UplandAuthor Commented:

Well it works perfectly - but even after checking the man page for gmtime I cannot say I fully understand it.... such as timegm??

The space in $Day which you picked up on was not relevent - I inserted one in my manual assigment and it still worked.

Many thanks... still curious about the backticks though!

timegm is explained in
perldoc Time::Local

$DofW1 = `$TD`;
should have been the same as
$DofW3 = `date -v25d -v12m -v1999y \"+%u\"`;
although I don't know what happened to the "+%u" in $TD
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