I need to compile a driver...but where's the compiler?

I need to compile a version of the tulip driver module for my new linksys LNE100TX version 2.0 Ethernet card, but I can't find gcc. gcc is not on my hard disk! Or is there another way of compiling and linking modules? My distribution is Mandrake 6.5 by Macmillan.
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lavenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Unfortunately your only option is to install the appropriate RPM packages which contain GCC and necessary includes and possibly other libraries that will be needed in compilation.

On your Mandrake CD there should be a folder
which contains all of the RPM files.  If you have KDE installed try the kpackage program to install and manage packages.  If you use Gnome use gnorpm.  They are very similar in functionality.  If you have neither installed, use the following command to install an RPM.
rpm -ivh <name>.rpm

Try RPM packages that begin with egccs or gcc first.  If it complains about missing files, try installing kernel* packages because you may need kernel headers and other includes for compilation.
jnalexanderAuthor Commented:
The only gcc package I found was for the French version of gcc. I could not find egccs on my distribution cdrom.
jnalexanderAuthor Commented:
I found the package. It's pgcc. I was able to compile and link the ethernet source without any problems! Thanks :)
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