Convert Mac/PC graphics?

Can Linux read Mac or PC disks, open graphic files, edit and resave back to Mac or PC?  What I would really like to do is insert a Zip disk, read the graphic file, and convert to a PC file and re-distribute to users on our network.  The type of files would generally be Encapsulated Postscript, JPEG or Bitmap.
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In fact, there is no conversion needed for PS or JPEG. I am not sure about BMPs but I think there are some diffent versions of bitmaps and I am not sure how cross compatable they are. I would say just try it.

Of course, you will need an editor that will open those file types.

You should be able to mount the zip disk without need to convert it. Just mount it as whatever type of flie system for which it is formated -- probably vfat.

Is that it, or do you need help with mounting zip disks or something?

J Crouchet
The easiest way to do this with a DOS formatted ZIP disk (or floppy) , which both PC's and Macs can utilize with ease.

Under Linux follow the appropriate ZIP Drive HOWTO's to set the appropriate kernel settings necessary for ZIP drive operation.  Then use the following steps to mount it to your active filesystem.

Make an empty directory on your Linux system to mount your ZIP disk to.  /mnt/zip should work fine. (right next to /mnt/floppy and /mnt/cdrom)

mount -t vfat /dev/[device] /mnt/zip

[device] is the device that the HOWTO specifies.

Under Linux the Gimp package supports most popular graphic formats, including JPG, GIF and PNG.  I suggest either JPG or PNG graphic formats for portability.  On both PC and Mac platforms Adobe Photoshop, PSP and the Corel graphic software (can't remember exact name) support these formats, and if you're desperate you can also use Internet Explorer and Netscape to view these file types.

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gregchavezAuthor Commented:
Thanks "laven", just the help I was looking for.  I have used GIMP before, is there a newer version than the one that comes with Mandrake 6.0?  If so, maybe I will try GIMP again.  Right now I am using Corel9.
Again, thanks for the help.
gregchavezAuthor Commented:
J Crouchet,
Thanks to you also, for your help.  I am encouraged enough to try to get linux to "see" my Zip drive.  After that, I will try to work with the graphic files.  Wish me luck!
Again, thanks for all the help!
Hey on problem.

Try this mini-HOWTO on Linux ZIP drive installation.  You may have to recompile your kernel, so refer to the kernel compilation HOWTO for more information.

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