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I set my monitor to be too small.  How do I change the monitor type and dpi?
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use "xconf" command
The easiest answer is to try [ALT Ctrl +] which should switch between modes while in KDE. If that does not give you waht you want you will need to re-configure Xwindows.

How you do that depends on your version of Linux. If you are running RedHat or something based on it like Mandrake then the easiest way is to run Xconfigurator. Here is how you do it:

Step 1 - shut down Xwindows

Hit [Alt Ctrl F1] which will bring up a text logon prompt. Log on as root. Use this command to shut down Xwindows:
telinit 3

Step 2 - Run Xconfigurator

At the command line, type Xconfigurator. Be sure the X is capitolize and all the other letters are lower case. The program should detect your video card and gide you through the rest of the set up. If your monitor is not on the list you will need to choose custom and input your monitor's specs. You will find those specifications in the owners manual or on the web site of the manufacturer. Be careful not to confuse the Horizontal rate (in Khz) and the vertical rate (in Hz).

When you come to the part of the program that allows you to choose your resolution, check the box for the resolution you want.

Step 3 - restarting Xwindows

Assuming Xconfigurator was sucessful, you now want to start Xwindows. At the command line type:

telinit 5

X windows should start.

Step 4 - log off that open root session.

Hit [Alt Ctrl F1] again. Your previous command line session should come back up. At the command line, type exit. When you are logged off, hit [Alt Ctrl F7] to restore your Xwindows session.

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