Little blue button

I am using Outlook 2000, and I have the "Preview Pane" turned on.  I am puzzled as to what a little button is that appears in the header of the preview pane for some incoming emails.

The button often is next to the paper clip button (which indicates an attachment) and this button's glyph is extremely difficult to make out.  It looks like either a blue and white spiral staircase, or else it is the letter "S" with lines running through it, with blue tips.

What does this button do?  It often arrives with SPAM.  Currently I delete the message and do not go near the button.
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VinceAConnect With a Mentor Commented:
It's a little scroll and it incidates that the message contains HTML scripting which the preview pane can't display. If you click the button it'll display a dialog box telling you that. You have to open the message to get the script to run.

In the case of spam, I'd delete the message as opposed to opening it...
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