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Minimum requirements for 56k Modem?

I have a 60 MHz Pentium computer and wish to purchase a faster ISA modem (56k?) I notice that all the 56k ISA modems at the stores list a minimum requirement of a 100 MHz (or 133 MHz) Pentium. Is there a 56k ISA modem out there that would work for my computer?
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Yes, there are several, if you hurry to the computer-store -- like Pentiums have replaced 486-based computers, PCI modems are replacing ISA modems.

3COM/USRobotics has stopped making the ISA-version of their Sportster V.90 modem, but you may still be able to find one. USR has a "winmodem" and a "non-winmodem" version; avoid the "winmodem" version.  (Or, buy an external modem from 3COM/USR.)

Also, look on WWW.eBay.com for "Atlas" (alias "NewCom") modems.  Bid on an "internal" and "V.90" modem, which has jumpers (to select IRQ and COM settings) or it can be used as "Plug-and-Play".  Unfortunately, Atlas went bankrupt, and NewCom rose out of their ashes, only to itself go bankrupt, last month.
Anyway, if you buy on eBay, check that the seller provides a (30-day??) warranty, and will stand behind it.
I bought one, and it didn't work,
but the eBay seller replaced it, without any problems.

Also, Creative Labs sells a "ModemBlaster" internal ISA K56Flex/V.90 modem.
Again, it has jumpers, and it is not a "winmodem".

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