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Howdy, Why do some systems write to the registry and act on this immediately, while others have to be rebooted ? I have a windows95 system and a windows98 system. When i write to the registry expecting a result with the 95 it is immediate in writing and then does what it is supposed to instantly, but i have to reboot to get the same results with the 98. It will write to the registry in 98 immediately but won't act on this until rebooted. Is this the system itself or the windows version ?

If there is a way to make the 98 system act as the 95 by forcing something (showing how bright i am now) then i am all ears and have another 100 points to spare !
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I don't get this problem in WIN98... Please review this Microsoft KB Article:

HOWTO: Use the Registry API to Save and Retrieve Setting 


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CanonAuthor Commented:
Hey Mcrider,
Its a NEC computer so who knows. I am using the proper code and have bookmarked the page you placed here for future reference. Thanks for helping !
Thanks for the points! Glad I could help!

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