Purchasing appropriate AGP video card

I am thinking of purchasing an AGP video card for my AMD-K6-II processor (400mHz). I was not sure how much memory would be suitable for my use. Can someone categorize what each type of AGP card (4mb, 8mb, 16mb, 32mb) is useful for. I want to use this computer for word processing and occasional video graphics use downloaded/streamed  from the internet. Also for some of the higher end AGP cards, there is a mention that it can stream DVD video. does that mean that my cdrom can use the DVD cd and play it on my computer without a dvd player.
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No, you still need a DVD Rom to play DVD video (and frankly, the K6 is a terible choise for software DVD playback, due to the very weak FPU). And note that those cards HELP with play back, they are NOT 'real' Mpeg decoder boards (which for instance the Sigma Designs Hollywood+ is)

Simply speaking, The more memory, the higher resolution / color depth you can get.

Unless you wish to play games, i would definitely look at Matrox G200 or G400. If you are a gamer, any TNT2 Ultra / GeForce card would be your best bet.

For "non games" use, 8Mbytes is really all you need. It will give you 1280x1024x16Million colors

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