no permission to open EXCHANGE .PST files !?

Hi, my workstation was running unstable, so I set it up completely new. I had saved some of Outlook folders to PST files, which I protected by a password.
Now, I can not open them ! I thought it was only a password protection, but it seems that these files may only be opened from the original user account. what can I do ?
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Joel98zConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Looks like you have done it right, Have you checked the NT permissions on the file, assuming you are using NTFS.
I have a utility that will remove passwords from a .PST file. I you like I could email this to you, and it should work..
vbklausAuthor Commented:
Hi, you can use this address:
I will try it and if it works I can accept your answer.
thanks, - Klaus
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You email server rejected my email, cause it was over 100k. This file is about 110k..
vbklausAuthor Commented:
Hi, I received it !
Usually the mailserver allows 5 MB.

Unfortunately it did not work. Did I make any mistake ?

D:\>pst19upg.exe -x d:\me\pst_pab\991220backupPostfachKlaus.pst

Exporting: d:\me\pst_pab\991220backupPostfachKlaus.pst (version 19)
       to: d:\me\pst_pab\991220backupPostfachKlaus.psx

Could not open PST file d:\me\pst_pab\991220backupPostfachKlaus.pst
ERROR 0x80070005

Program terminated in error (80070005)
vbklausAuthor Commented:
Ohhhh : I checked the properties of the .pst file: My backup came from a CD and so it was write protected !
I unchecked write protection and now it opened and I was prompted for my pw and now everything is fine.
Thanks !

ps: Dear Bill: please change the text of that message box to: 'This file is write protected and can not be opened !"   ;-)
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