Reinstalling Win 95

Could someone please explain to me how to reinstall windows 95 and how to partition my hardrive before installing . Please keep it simple step by step etc etc.
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shegeekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
1) Go to a command(DOS) prompt.
2) Insert a blank diskette into the computer.
4) Search for FDISK.EXE and copy to the A Drive
5) Search for SYS.EXE and copy to the A Drive
6) Search for FORMAT and copy to the A Drive
7) Reboot the computer with the Diskette in the computer.(If the computer does not boot to the diskette go into the BIOS and configure it to boot from floppy first)
8) The computer should now be at the 'A:\' prompt.  Type FDISK
9) Delete the Primary Partition and any subsequent partitions
10) Create the Partitions you want and desiginate the first one as the Primary Partition ensuring that it is at least 1Gb.
11) Exit FDISK and reboot the computer
12) At the 'A:\' prompt type 'Format C:' to format the Hard drive.
13) Take your Windows 95 Startup disk and boot to that disk and Install Windows 95.

How big is you harddrive? Will you make two partitions, one for data and one for the system files?
Will you start from scratch?

Adam LeinssCommented:
tonyl54, shegeek's answer is very good, in fact, it is 100% correct.  Have you tried shegeek's answer?
tonyl54Author Commented:
my hard drive is over 2 gig
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