Unique ID for Computers

Now I am developing a program registration routine which will generate an unique ID for every computer. Currently I am generating that number based on the Hard-Disk serial number. But in some computers, I am getting unexpected values like exponential values, nothing etc.

Is there any other way to identify a computer uniquely? (any file or registry enties?)
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You could go "web-based" and have your software connect to your website and request a serial number.  A CGI program on the website would then "issue" a number...

If you're interrested, let me know.

What is the intent behind this registration serial number?

You could create your own serial number that is stored in the registry; and base it off some information they enter, like company name, address, date and time, etc...  You could have the user enter the serial number physicaly printed on the side of the PC.

In the past, I have provided the user with a registration key that was based off of their company name, and date of registration.  That way, given the registration key, I could identify the company.
Could you use the NIC address? or part of a GUID?
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Why couldn't you just base it on their First/Last name.
their serial number would be the ASCII value of each letter of their name compounded togather with a hyphen between their first and last names.

i.e.       44553256-38462997

I use a GUID (you know all those real long number you see in the registry)

a 128-bit number is not unique - but for the next trillion years it is good enough!!!

I don't have my code with me - but I got a VB class module that will generate GUID numbers.

No two computers will generate the same GUID - because they are linked tot he time/date, NIC card, and other numbers Windows thinks up.

But the problem is each time one is generated it will be different - so you will still have to store the number somewhere...

Anyways if you want the code say so and I'll post it once I dig it up...


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I need a similar code/sample too. Can you please send me one?
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