Frame problems / res change / NS

Hi ! I've problems with my frameset:
If you change the screen resolution to 800x600 or lower (in IE) the site is shown wrong. NS shows the site completely wrong. Do you know how I can make the site showing right @ 800x600 in IE and what I have to change to make the site showing right in NS ?


I wish a happy new year !
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I would suggest you to use percentage % as width size for the frames instead of fixed pixel size something like this <FRAMESET ROWS="10%,20%,15%,*" BORDER="0" FRAMEBORDER="no">. using % width and height will allow the frameset page to automatically adjust its size according to the current resolution of the screen

ItsMeAuthor Commented:
ok, but wouldn't then my graphics have the wrong size (e.g. the borders of the text window) ???
ItsMeAuthor Commented:
I mean the graphics size (backgrouds) won't change with the frame size...

Do you know if/how I can calcuate the new frameset for NS ?

if you're relying on prefect pixel-sized frames you won't get it.  Netscape will snap the frames to a (yet unknown) value depending on the size of the browser window and the resolution you're running.  yes, it's a PITA.

you'll either have to live with it, or work your way around it (using tables perhaps).

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