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Tho whom it may concern,

How can I change the startup logo during the startup sequence.
Logo=0 in msdos.sys will not show it at all, I know.
I like to display my own picture or whatsoever.

Thanks for a reply.


Adrie Tanis
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In your windows directory you can find 3 files named logo.sys, logos.sys and logow.sys .  These files are used by the system as presentation logo, shutdown logo and wait for system logo respectively.

Be sure to rename the original logo (logo.sys) in a safe place and replace it with your preferral (must have the same name: logo.sys).

You can use same procedure with the others.
Files can be edited with Corel photo paint for instance. Or something like that.
Please verify resolution and size of your picture!
atanisAuthor Commented:
I'm using Windows  98. Logo.sys is not on my PC. Creating the file doesn't change anything. The other two files you mentioned, I know about.

Regards, Adrie Tanis
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Here is a really neat program you can use to place your picture as a Logo and change it when ever you want without rernaming files or moving them around. It says for Win95 but I am using it with Win98 with no problems. It is freeware from ZDnet.

ZD Net's LogoManager allows you to change the various default startup and shutdown logo's for Windows 95.  LogoManager comes with a collection of images ready for you to install.  LogoManager will also allow you to install your own images once they are formated properly.  In addition, LogoManger comes with ZD Net's Logo Animator, which allows you to animate the pallete of your favorite images for use as the Windows 95 Startup Image.
You can make your own heres how

1) It must be a bmp 320x400 in 256 colors.

2)open it in Paint and save it as "logo.sys"  you must use the quotation marks. Be sure it is 256 colors by moving the down arrows.

3) place it in your root directory ie c:\

4) Reboot and watch your pretty new startup screen
BTW, it saves it with the system attribute so you have to have view open to see it. So when you save it into the temp directory then copy it to the C: root directory
I know. Windows 98 hides the logo*.sys files somewhere.

Some Windows 98 users tend to have an OemLogo.sys in their root of C:

All you have to do is create the logo.sys and place them in your root of C: as well as your Windows directory and Windows will refer to those files when you startup.

I've done it before =)
I was also a Windows 98 Second Edition beta tester.

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windows 98 has no logo.sys, you must create it and save it to c:

check out the link I gave above.
Create a BMP file, and save it at 256 colors.  Then resize it to 320X400, and rename it Logo.sys.  Place it on the root of C:, it will be displayed at startup.

The logo that is displayed normaly is embedded in the system files on the drive.
atanisAuthor Commented:
Just C:\logo.sys worked well.
Thank you
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