Excel chart x axis label placement

On an excel chart showing positive and negative values I can't find a simple way to get the value labels below the x axis baseline.
The x axis labels show up inside the chart at the x/y intersection, and for esthetics, I'd like them to show up beneath the baseline.
While I've worked out a way of getting them where I want (I "titled" them and spaced them beneath the columns) I was wondering if there wasn't some right way to do it.

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billd1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
If you right-click the X-axis, you should get the option to Format Axis. Click it. Under the Patterns Tab, choose Tick Mark Labels, and set it to Low. That should place the labels below the graph.
Hi analyst11

You can move the labels anywhere within the chart by single right clicking on one of them and then left click again after 1 second, then all you need to do is drag them where you want.

Hope it helps

analyst11Author Commented:
It worked. Something so simple that no-one I asked could figure out. Thanks
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