G3 crashes after update from 8.5 to 8.6

Machine: G3 w/96 meg of Ram on a Apple share IP 6.2 network. Running Quark passport 3.32, Photoshop 3.05, RamDoubler 8, IE 4.5. Machine is in a publishing environement.
Prior to updating the original OS8.5 to 8.6 this machine never crashed.
After the upgrade, when saving a photo to a networked drive, the machine locks up.
We have since installed Norton Utilities 4.0 and it has told us the "Help Viewer" crashed because of a "Bus Error Exception"
Another crash error noted was "Finder" due to "Unmapped Memory" We tried turning off virtual memory -- no help.
IE 4.5 has crashed due to an "Illegal instruction exception"

We have also updated to Quicktime 4.0

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DONT use norton 4 on that system. You run the serious risk of hosing your entire HD. Get 5 or the latest 4 update which i think is 4.2.1.
My guess would be some kind of extension conflict, and like weed said, DO NOT use Norton 4 on anything System 8 or higher. Either use version 5 or get TechTool Pro 2.5 (highly recommended).

Personally, I'd go with TechTool Pro 2.5 and see what that turns up, and go through your extensions and see if you can weed something out.
No pun intended right?..heh
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trtechAuthor Commented:
Is there a safe complete way of "weeding" Norton out of my G3? Or should  I just rip out all the extentions and folders containing the programs?

Removing software has alway seemed a dirty deal on the macs.
Sorry, weed, no pun intended!

Yeah, on a Mac, the best way to get rid of a program is just ditch all the extensions, files, etc. What I'd recommend is creating a folder, call it something like 'Norton old' and toss everything in there for the time being, a just-in-case measure. Then install TechTool Pro 2.5. Actually, they announced the release of version 3, which will happen sometime in January and does virus checking and a bunch more stuff.
trtechAuthor Commented:
Got rid of Norton, ends up the cd had documentation about uninstall. All it did is delete the prograam folders, Still had to rip out the extensions manually.

Ends up 8.6 added a lot of extensions for joy sticks and various input devices.

Removed all unneeded extensions. Lets see if it stabilizes.
MacOS 8.6 in a publishing environment is a bad idea due to the Font issue. MacOS 9 sucks in the pre-press environ as well. Quark XPress (any version - but you said Passport) will not run on a MacOS greater than 8.1. That is Quark for ya.

Ram Doubler is MacCancer. Ditch that in favor of real RAM.

Also, there are no earthshattering improvements with MacOS 8.6, but the detractans are numerous. Especiall if you did not apply the Font Manager Update, since it will corrupt Applications and Fonts.

Updates and upgrades can be found at:

Consider downgrading. It is the best option. I have had to do it several times on my customers machines. MacOS 8.5.1 is more stable than either 8.6 or 9.

Good Luck,

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Of course theres always the opinion that Quark sucks as well and isnt worth negating an OS upgrade for...InDesign lacks the quark bugs, has an adobe interface, and has better support. Ive been using 9 in prepress for a while now and have no problems.
Prepress is not equal to Xpress.

Quark Xpress is great if you are a Graphic Designer, it sucks if you have to maintain the Designers machine. It's all relative.
Yes i know quark!=prepress...my point was that quark sucks..heh. Its loaded to the gills with bugs, its features are outdated, its support sucks, etc. Ive found InDesign to be much better suited to my (the graphic designer) needs despite it being a bit slow.
Most of my customers cannot use InDesign because the output houses do not support it. Got any "extra" RAM left over...:)
Dont forget that InDesign can export to PDF with all the color seps n such.
trtechAuthor Commented:
"Quark XPress (any version - but you said Passport) will not run on a MacOS greater than 8.1"

That must be pushing it a little. This machine shipped with 8.5 and has faithfully cranked out hundreds of pages. Before the upgrade to 8.6 it never crashed at all.

In light of the above comments, I'm going to start from scratch on this system and format and reinstall everything over 8.5.

I've also found out that Photoshop 3.05 was also a source of problems. After upgrading to 5.5, the crashes have all but subsided.

I get the feeling this is a complex problem with several causes. I will see what happens after the system rebuild.

About RAM Doubler, my understanding is it suck if you are trying to actually cheat on RAM. On the other hand, if you already have plenty of RAM (I do,) it is very good at reallocating memory.

I've never seen any problems with RAM doubler when used on a machine with enough memory. I have seen it stablize machine that never get restarted.

BTW, I'm a crossover from the newsroom to the network admin job. I'll put up with the problems, because Quark is like an old comfortable pair of blue jeans that should be replaced. I'm still wearing them!
A friend of mine found a scorpion in his jeans once....Just thought id share..;P
trtechAuthor Commented:
I was planning to rebuild the OS and programs on Sunday when the presses don't run. The machine had other ideas and died. No amount of typical Mac revival methods had any effect.

Low level formated and installed 8.5 as the OS. All the apps were reinstalled. One thing is for sure, it sure is a lot faster than it was with OS 8.6.

Since I did this after being called in at midnight, there are still some installation issues to iron out, but nothing serious. I'll deal with them after I get some sleep.

This is a key machine in the newsroom that does all the prepress photoshop work the cranks out the daily wire pages.

I'm dissapointed that the headlong rush into the "bigger and better" OS's has left the core proffesional graphics designers hanging out in the cold.

This is a familiar tune ... hmmm I think it was originally written by micro-bloat.

TheHub pretty much nailed the issue, as much as I wanted to disbelieve him. I wish he would have advised what OS he thinks would be best suited to this machine  for the sake of stability.

Also I wonder if you can downgrade an OS with a clean install. In theory is should work, but then again so should Quark under 8.6 huh?

Thanks everyone, and oh yeah, hey weed, always tip your boots upside down before you put them on in the morning, never kno0w what might have crawled in while you were sleeping!

Beige G3 will run on MacOS 8.1. Yes...you can downgrade. You might want to install MacOS 8.1 on an external HD and see if it boots up before you blindly take my word for it. I cannot be held responsible for any data loss.

Always backup first.

Good Luck,
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