Windows 98 (SE Ugrade Installed) slow startup?

Hello I would like to know how to speed up the startup process for my machine. Im running Windows 98 (with the SE upgrade installed). I did have some problems getting the SE upgrade to install(as a note). Is there a way to change settings(have tried some in the startup tab, not much help) in the msconfig(what is actually needed for startup, or sysedit settings, or with the registry or even the virtual memory settings that will help speed startup.
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thereceiverAuthor Commented:
system config: amd 400mhz k6-2, 6.4gb hd,128mb ram (not pc-100),shuttle spacewalker motherboard HOT-591P, Award Bios.
The best ways to speed up are:
1.  Make sure the drivers/hardware are all installed properly with no conflicts.  Check control panel/system/device manager and make sure there are no yellow circles, red X's or exclamation marks.

2.  Eliminate as many programs as possible from loading automatically at startup.  You can do this with MSCONFIG, which you can run from the Run prompt.  If you don't know what the items are, list 'em and experts can recommend what to get rid of.  I personally recommend getting rid of Microsoft FastFind and Office QuickStart.
thereceiverAuthor Commented:
I will have to see what programs are in the startup folder in msconfig, and list them.
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Run the Maintenance Wizard.  Now, and at regular intervals.  Beware that if your hard drive is badly fragmented, the first time will take a L-O-N-G time to run.

You can find the wizard in
Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.

Good luck,

thereceiverAuthor Commented:
These are the files(programs) in the startup when I run msconfig:
NB Common Dialogue Enhancements
System Tray
PE2CKFNT(this is for a Ulead Photo Program)
Vet Tray
Oil Change
Synchronization Manager
Critical Update
LoadPowerProfile(a 2nd entry) I did un-check this one.
Shockwave Init(for a shockwave program)
thereceiverAuthor Commented:
Bert, I defrag my system at least twice a week, and run the scandisk weekly. So I don't think it stems from a hard drive that is fragmented, Thanks anyway,
Several good ideas so far but one that was overlooked:
Get PC100 or faster ram, if you are running the bus speed at 100mhz and the memory is not up tp speed then you have a bottleneck, it works sort of like a funnel, no matter how big the hole on top is nothing will flow through any faster the the smaller hole will let it.
What this means is the CPU will have to wait on the memory to catch up and the more you try to do then the more it (CPU) has to wait
thereceiverAuthor Commented:
rayt333, I have thought about that, but Im looking for a way that doesn't mean spending a $100+ right after the holidays, if you catch my drift. I just thought there might be a way changing some of the settings that might give me a bit of a better boot up.
"uncheck" everything in MSCONFIG (startup tab) except Systray, this will speed the boot time up alot, then start the programs you want running when you want them instead of having them setting there in the background waiting. This includes the anti-virus since these are time killers themselves, but you can start them yourself after booting up.

You really need the faster memory to see the full benefit of the CPU at any time.

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Sorry for suggesting the obvious, but sometimes that is what works :o)

How much free disk space do you have?  Have you tried running SFC and/or scanreg /fix to clean up what might have been left behind by the "problems getting the SE upgrade to install"?

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