Buslogic SCSI controller to a StorageTec device.

We currently have 2 BusLogic cacheless controller card connecting to a storagetec disk array. One of the cards went bad and we need another so we can gte the system back up and running.  However looks like BusLogic was purchased by Mylex and we cant find any info on getting the same card...We are trying to avoid resetting up the drives and trying a restore of data from tape.  Replaing the card would be much easier.  Any help you be great,
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Most of the SCSI BusLogic (742 & 747) emulates Adaptec 154x family SCSI controllers.  You can also try using the older BusTek SCSI controllers if you have one. You haven't mentioned which Unix you are using and which make of BusLogic controller. If you are using SCO unix I am pretty sure Adaptec will work as long as the IRQ and I/O address settings remain the same.

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