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Thank you for your reply,

Could you be more specific with the answer?
Like, Save it in where?
Do I need to include any code in my display page(html page) to load the image? etc...

Can someone please explain the "secret" of how to add a customized icon to be displayed in place of the standard IE icon? (Address toolbar/favorite list)....???

I would like to place my customized icon to favorite list when viewer selects my site as one of there favorite.
When you add yahoo as your favorite, yahoo icon shows up instead of IE icon.

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Thanks in advance
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You need to create a icon and name it favicon.ico
It has to be 16x16. Then load it to your page in its root directory ie index.            Mrbreeze
jaekayAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
There is no code needed as long as it is just for a custom icon. There are java scripts that could be run but I have no comment on that. Go to and read about it.

But to clarify what I said before
1) You need an icon that is 16x16
2) You upload it to the root directory of your page, most would be index.html
3) It only works for IE5 browsers and it is the browser that request the file from the server.
4) It has to be named  favicon.ico.

Does that help more       Mrbreeze

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jaekayAuthor Commented:
thanks alot
been very helpful
Glad to help and good luck with your page                    Mrbreeze
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