Usb is compartible with Usb?

I have a Hp printer and is Conected with my pc via Usb port.I print good but i can't print from dos programs (under windows).This printer have LPT conection but i want to use usb.Can i print via usb?
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tnordhoffConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I tried the following using W2k RC2 with my USB HP 970Cxi:

1. create a network share for hare your printer, e.g. "HP" (don't make share name longer than 8+3 chars)
2. go to DOS or create a .bat file containing the following:
"net use lpt1: \\{name_of_computer}\{share_name}", e.g. "net use lpt1: \\mycomputer\HP"
3. execute
4. tell your DOS programs to print to lpt1: The port will be redirected to the network share.

I don't exactly know if this works with Win98, but it should. In doubt, use a port name that is not assigned. (maybe lpt3:)
When trying to print from DOS, does your HP have a light flashing?
If so push the button near it and the printer will print.
If light is not flashing then ignore this comment.
Since USB came along after the obituary for DOS was written, it is not going to be easy (some would say impossible) for you to get your DOS applications to print to USB. In DOS, the application itself is responsible for managing its printer output, and most every DOS application is totally ignorant of USB.  It is a push to expect those applications to be able to print to something they know nothing about. If it's plain text you are outputting, then you may be able to tell your application to redirect the output to a file instead of directly to the printer port. You could then go back to Windows and print the contents of the file. If the output consists of more than plain ASCII text (fancy escape codes) then forget it.
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