MS-Access not starting on Win98

I have installed Office 97 on my Win98 machine.
The machine is a HP Pavilion 8506.
The problem is with MS-Access.
Whenever I try to run it, it pops up the message, "Microsoft Access can't start becasue there is no license for it on this machine."
This happens no matter how many times I wipe the PC, and reload it from the supplied HP recovery CD. I was not given a Windows 98 CD when I bought the PC.
Can someone suggest why this might be happening, as the same Office CD works fine on my Win95 PC.

Thanks all.

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Where did the Office97 CD come from?  DId it come with the HP?  Or perhaps from another OEM package.  Some of those OEM installs have checks for certain features that preclude the software from being installed on a different machine.  If you have a properly licensed copy, you may be able to get some help from Micro$oft.  
Hi Steve.

This is because Microsoft Access is not properly registered on your computer. When you start Microsoft Access, it checks the Windows Registry for the following entry. In Microsoft Windows 98, you may also receive this error message because of a problem with the installation process.


Steve, there are a few different methods to fix this, and rather then edit out Win95 and NT, I've posted the entire article for you to print and save in the event you need it again.


Steps to Try If Microsoft Access Is Not Properly Registered
There are two ways to resolve this error message. You can uninstall Microsoft
Access on your computer, and then reinstall it.
You can run the Microsoft Access Setup program using a command line switch (/y)
to reset your computer's registry. To reset the registry, follow these steps:
1. In Windows 95, Windows 98, and Windows NT 4.0, click the Start button, then
   click Run (or in Windows NT 3.51, click Run on the File menu in Program
   Manager or File Manager).
2. Type a command to run the Microsoft Access Setup program using the /y switch,
   for example:
         C:\Setup /y
3. In the Installation Maintenance Program box, click Reinstall. The Setup
   program updates the system Registry for Microsoft Access. When Setup is
   complete, start Microsoft Access.
Steps to Try If Problem Is Caused by No Read Permissions to Licenses Key
When logged on to a Windows NT 4.0 system as an administrator, you can check and
modify user permissions to the different registry keys using the Windows NT 4.0
registry editor. To do so, follow these steps:
1. Log on to the problem computer as an Administrator.
2. On the Task Bar, click Start, and then click Run.
3. Type "regedt32" (without the quotation marks), and click OK.
4. Select the \\HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Licenses key.
5. On the Security menu, click Permissions.
6. Make sure that the necessary users and groups have at least Read permissions
   to the key.
7. Close the Registry Editor and re-start the computer.
When you log on as a typical user, you should now be able to start Microsoft
Access without problems.
Steps to Try If You Are Using Windows 98 and Microsoft Access 97
If you have upgraded your computer to Windows 98, you may experience the problem
described in the "Symptoms" section of this article under the following
 - You have installed Microsoft Publisher
 - You have installed Microsoft Office 97 Professional Edition
Note: In Windows 98 with Access 97, you may also see the following error:
   Can't find the database you specified or you didn't specify a database at
Certain fonts that are installed by Microsoft Publisher can result in the
incorrect registration of Microsoft Access 97, but only when Access is being
installed from the Office 97 Professional CD. You can correct the registration
error by using either of the following methods:
Rename one of the problem fonts, and then reinstall Microsoft Access from the
Setup Maintenance Mode.
Download a tool that Microsoft has on its Downloads Web site that corrects this
For more information about either method, see the appropriate section below.
Renaming the Font and Reinstalling Microsoft Access
Reinstalling Microsoft Access 97 using the Setup Maintenance Mode does not
require you to uninstall Microsoft Access first; it simply returns the computer
to the install state that it was in the last time Setup was run. Follow these
steps to correct the registry error:
1. On the Start menu, point to Find, and then click Files Or Folders.
2. In the Named box, type "hatten.ttf" (without the quotation marks).
3. In the Look In box, type "C:\Windows\Fonts" (without the quotation marks) or
   the path to the Fonts folder on your computer.
4. Click the Find Now button to start the search.
5. Under Name, right-click the hatten.ttf file, and click Rename on the menu
   that appears.
6. Change the name of the file to "" (without the quotation marks).
7. Minimize (but do not close) the Find dialog box.
8. On the Start Menu, point to Settings, and click Control Panel.
9. In Control Panel, double-click Add/Remove Programs.
10. In the Add/Remove Program Properties dialog box, select the Install/
   Uninstall tab and select Microsoft Office 97, Professional Edition from the
   program list.
11. Click the Add/Remove button to run Office Setup in Maintenance Mode.
12. In the Microsoft Office 97 Setup dialog box, click Reinstall.
13. Once the reinstallation is finished, click the Find dialog box on the
   Windows taskbar to maximize it.
14. Under Name, right-click the file, and click Rename on the menu
   that appears.
15. Change the name of the file to "hatten.ttf" (without the quotation marks).
Microsoft Access should now be properly registered.
Using the Downloadable Tool
The AcLicn97.exe file contains a tool that corrects the problem discussed in this
article so that you can run Microsoft Access 97 successfully. For more
information about downloading this tool, please see the following article in the
Microsoft Knowledge Base:
ARTICLE-ID: Q191224 ACC97: AcLicn97.exe Available for Download on MSL


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SteveC777Author Commented:
Very good answer, thank you.
You're quite welcome!
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