Invalid System Disk

I have an AST 486 4/50 computer. While trying to set the cdrom drive something happened and now I can not boot from a floppy disk. There is no OS on the hard drive. Normally I should be able to boot from the floppy drive using a system disk. However when I turn the system on, I get the error message 'invalid system disk. Replace disk and press any key to continue'
even when I use a verified system disk.
Can't do anything without first booting the system from floppy. Please give some idea. If anyone has the specific AST Bravo 486 4/50 computer, I would appreciate if you could send me your bios settings.

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What did you do to setup the cdrom drive? Check if the connections to the floppy is loose.
check your boot sequence in CMOS setup and make sure that the floppy drive is first.  Also verify that boot up floppy seek is enabled as well as the floppy drive itself.
In the BIOS make sure your floppy type is correct and the boot sequence is A,C.
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oktayaAuthor Commented:
"Also verify that boot up floppy seek is enabled as well as the floppy drive itself"

I have probably done this, but can you please clarify what you mean a little bit?

PS: I have also done everything in the other comments.

Thanks for the comments please don't give up.

the floppy drive will be found usually under standard cmos setup and will say something like floppy a and maybe there will be a floppy b as well.  Make sure a is enabled.  Under boot options, there should be an option for boot up floppy seek or similar basically meaning the computer looks for the floppy in its boot process.
I am sure u must have tought of this but, suggest you send your pc back to your vendor. Could be of faulty floopy, or other h/w ..

Check the physical connection to the hardisk.

Ensure the hardisk is powered and the data cable is in good condition.

Ensure the hardisk jumper settings on primary master.

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oktayaAuthor Commented:
I'll have to try before accepting. Actually I have tried everything, but I'll try everything again this time more systematically.

Thanks for all of the comments.

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