ScanJet 3300C Scanning But Canon BJC Not Printing

I just got a ScanJet 3300C for Christmas and I did get it set up without any problems.  I already had a Canon BJC 7004 Photo Color printer which worked beautiful.  Now, that I have the scanner installed, my printer will not work.  Any suggestions?  Thank you very much for answering.  I know that it must be something fairly simple but I can't seem to find the answer.

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briansincConnect With a Mentor Commented:

if your canon bj quits working you can goto canon website and download this driver which ia generic bj printer driver

select tech support - faq - Select General on BJC 610/620 - On the second FAQ, select Software Download for 720U95.EXE - Follow Canon's instructions for downloading and installing this file

this is the generic driver for the canon bj series and has been seen to solve the problem with oter parallel scanners this may solve your problem

*** alternatively ***

locate the printer listing under printers and remove then reinstall the printer driver form the installation cd or disk using have disk

this should let the printer start to print again


BarblynnAuthor Commented:
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Well the first thing to do is to check to make sure you didn't jar one of the printer cables loose when you installed the scanner. The Canon is a parallel port printer, and the HP is a USB scanner, so I can't imagine any conflicts there.

Can you tell us more descriptively what "my printer will not work" means? Can you get it to print a test page? What happens if you unplug the scanner from the computer?
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