Accessing an Access DB using VB

I have been having problems accessing a relational Access 97 DB, on a computer that does not contain Access.  My installation installs all of the DAO support files, but the user does not have access rights to Access the DB.  I receive a 3051 Cannot open Jet Database, Already Open Exclusivly, or not proper user rights to view data.  How can I allow the data to be viewed without having the user install Access 97 to fix the problem.

Here is a snippet of the function I use to link to the DB.

Private Sub DBOpen(ByVal ExclusiveFlag As Boolean)
   ' This procedure will return a Nothing db handle if
   ' exclusive use is requested but cannot be obtained.
   On Error GoTo ErrProc
   DBEngine.DefaultUser = "Admin"
   DBEngine.DefaultPassword = ""
   Set ws = CreateWorkspace("", "Admin", "", dbUseJet)
   Set db = Nothing
   'If Not ExclusiveFlag Then
    '  DBOnFloppy
   'End If
   Set db = ws.OpenDatabase(Param.DBPath, ExclusiveFlag)
   'Set db = OpenDatabase(Param.DBPath + BSLASH + DBNAME, ExclusiveFlag)
         If Not (TypeName(db) = "Nothing") Then
            Set Param.qd = db.QueryDefs("QParameters")  ' ugly but faster
         End If
   Exit Sub
   If Err.Number = 3356 And ExclusiveFlag Then  ' cannot open exclusive
      MsgBox "Another user is currently using the database.  " + Chr$(13) _
           + "You must close all other programs using the database  " + Chr$(13) _
           + "before you can execute this command.  ", vbInformation
      Resume Next
      If Err.Number = 3356 And Not ExclusiveFlag Then
         Err.Number = 9102
      End If
      If Err.Number = 3055 Then
         Exit Sub
         ErrObj.Abort "DBObj.DBOpen"
      End If
   End If
End Sub
Thank you in advance.

-John M. Forbes
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jforbesAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
There are another way you can do your job by
1- create an module and put all the global variables on it (Databases,Recordset ).
2- make an sub called it (main)
3- let this sub as start up prodedure
4- use your definitions by using Addnew Or Edit properies

i hope that will help you
if not send to me back
jforbesAuthor Commented:
Thank you loay,
  I am afraid you maybe don't understand, I am usin AddNew and Edit that is not the problem, my code works great when Access has been installed, because Access creates a user Handle Admin, when I take the DB to a machine without Access the Admin user has not been created or associated on that machine, and that is when it crashes.  If you happen to have anymore ideas, I would be greatful.

Thank You,
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You should specify the workgroup database using DBEngine.SystemDB =
jforbesAuthor Commented:
I tried your DBEngine.SystemDB command and there was no change.  The problem still exists.  Any more Ideas

jforbesAuthor Commented:
Adjusted points to 150
  Set db = ws.OpenDatabase(Param.DBPath, ExclusiveFlag)
   'Set db = OpenDatabase(Param.DBPath + BSLASH + DBNAME, ExclusiveFlag)

I assume by these two lines that the DBNAME is now included in DBPATH, if not that would be a problem, my assumption is probably correct because you said this app does work on PCs that have Access.

You may want to look at the MS Knowledge Base Articles: Q165009 and Q132143

Hopefully they might help.

Q: What happens when you use the CreateDatabase method to create a database on the system without Access (adding a bogus table and fields for testing)?

Unrelated to your question, but some other suggestions:
LINE: If Not (TypeName(db) = "Nothing") Then
could also be
LINE: If Not db is Nothing Then

And of course, since you use constants other places:
could also be
vbCr or vbCrLf
vbCrLf actually being chr(13)&chr(10)

Hope this helps.

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jforbesAuthor Commented:
The MS Knowledge Base Helped, but I found my problem out, I needed to install the system.mbw on the client machine.

Thanks to all.

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