Y2K.......BIOS and RTC....

Here we go: Did a diagnostic on my
old 75MHZ computer and it said that
everything was Y2K ready except
for the BIOS rollover and the RTC.

Is there a generic software patch I
can buy....soon!
Can I let it go? In Windows TOOLS I can
change my calendar to JAN 18th 2000
with no problems.
Is the BIOS rollover and RTC that
Answer ASAP....
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First, there is not an immediate problem as Windows doesn't read the RTC except at boot time.  After that, it keeps it own clock until the next boot.  So even if the RTC fails entirely, your system will keep the correct time.

Second, the real question is what date does the RTC report to Windows when the date is past 12/31/1999?  In many cases, Windows is able to correctly interpret the reported date as 1/1/2000.  Shut down the system, change the RTC to 1/1/2000 and restart Windows.  See what time it comes up with.  In most cases it will be 1/1/2000 and you are OK.  If not, manually change the date in Windows to the correct date and then go about getting a BIOS update for your system if possible.  If none is available, there are a number of vendors who sell hardware boards that fix the problem by adding a replacement for the clock and it's BIOS routines.  These are relatively inexpensive....  

Of course this might just be the perfect excuse to upgrade that tired old 75MHz machine....
If it's just a roll over problem don't worry about it. A roll over problem just means the clock doesn't go to 2000 at 11:59 12/31/99. On 01/01/2000 set the date & clock and your done. Your computer doesn't care what day it is. Do you use any software that calculates using dates. By that I mean for example every 30 days pay the bills. If not then it doesn't matter.
zappyAuthor Commented:
Thanks experts for your words......
Well, I'm a hardware novice and so
I'll ask for a little more detail...
I downloaded one of those free Y2K
diagnostic tools off the net and let
'er diagnose....and all parts passed
except the BIOS rollover and RTC.

Now I really don't know how to change
the RTC date. So how manually please

Joed....I don't use spreadsheets to
pay the bills...mainly chat software
and music/graphics software. So
perhaps this is all ado about nothing.

By the way, I'm in Korea so any
software (patches) instructions will be in Korean, a language that I'm just learning.
And further, this 75MHZ computer was
free, (I like that word) and I
upgraded the memory to 32MB which
makes it run faster. The only problem
I have is that when playing midi
software the slow CPU sometimes
can't keep up with the notes.

Anway, how does one change the RTC
outside of Windows95?

Hope to hear from U both soon...
like tomorrow...it will be Friday here.

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Now I really don't know how to change
the RTC date. So how manually please

Shutdown the PC.  Then power it back up.  On most system you will see a memory test screen and the message, "PRESS DEL TO ENTER SETUP" (or similar message).  Press the DELETE key (or whatever it's telling you to press) to enter the BIOS setup mode.  Now you can change the system time at the BIOS level which is direct access to the RTC.

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zappyAuthor Commented:
JHANCE was so fast I give you the
points....will try it....
zappyAuthor Commented:
JHANCE....R U there? Here's what
happened. I went into SETUP and
then CMOS chip setting....(I think)
and changed the date...I hope that
this will have changed the RTC.
When I changed the date and saved the setting and then entered
Window95, the calendar date ALSO
changed. Went into SETUP again and
changed the CMOS settings date back
and then went into Windows95 again
and the calendar date was set back
again to today's date.
I hope this is what you meant and
that my RTC is OK for Y2K.

Well I have another problem.
When I boot NOW I get an error
message: Floppy Disk(s) Failed (40)
and have to press F1 to get into
Windows. What can be done please.

It looks like you don't have any RTC Y2K problems to worry about.

As far as the floppy error, my guess is that you accidentally changed the BIOS setup for the floppy disk when you were in the BIOS setup menu.  Go back there and set the configuration for the floppy disk back the way it was.
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