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    I have just got the smart and friendly cd burner.  I'm using the Adaptec Easy CD Creator software for it to  burn audio files to a blank cd.  I tried to copy  a cd that I had just to practice and it would copy, but when I go to put it in a home cd player nothing happens.  Nothing happens when I copy .wav files as well.  I am following the wizard for an Audio CD.  If you know what I could be doing wrong, that would be great.  Thank you.
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You must reorganize the CD to be read by all CD players.
Just double click on the Adaptec icon in the system tray and follow the wizard to reorganize the CD.
You may have just run a test (which *looks* like it is being copied) or you left the session open. If you try it again with the wizard, make sure you select "Close the session" and "Do not perform the test".

sgenther, if I'm not mistaken that will only work with cd's written with DirectCD, not easy cd creator.
jgv, yeah your right. Missed that one.
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Make sure you use CD-R media and not a CD-RW media.

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Some home cd players (usually old ones), cannot play burned CDes. Try playing it on other cd players.

Make sure you close the disk when you are done. EZCD allows this in one of it's option. It has close session but leave disk open, and it has close session and disk.

Home CD players look for one specific session when trying to play audio cdes.
Some CD-ROM dirive lsers are not calibrated to read recordable CD's ( often the surface is different from that of a factory pressed CD). If your CD-ROM drive reads mass produced CD's but not the recordable CD's check with the CD-ROM drive manufacturer to determine whether this is the problem. In some case, a drive upgrade might be available to resolve the problem. Also, the combination of blank disc brand and CD recorder can also make a difference. Use blank CD media that has been recommended by the CD-R manufacturer.
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