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I am writing an application the pulls data off an oracle server.  However, when the application is finished, VB does not exit.  When you do cltr-alt-delete, the task list shows the application is not responding.  I think it has to do with my ado connections.  But this is the funny thing, when I am finished with my ado controls- - recordsets, I close them.  However, oracle still sees my connections.  I tried killing the oracle session with each ado connection but that does not work.
It seems as if VB is waiting on something, but what. I don't know.

Please help?


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wyllikerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
garbage76 was on to something ...
It is the cause of many of these "app not going away" problems.

If you have any event handler that references a control on a form (especially one that has been destroyed or has never even been shown yet) that form will be loaded and the form_load event (at a minimum) will be called and if you have any code in a form_load event that makes a database connection you are just starting it all back up again - only you just can't see it.

Put a break point in each of your form_load events and see if you hit one of those breakpoints when you try to exit your application.

Usually it is because of a Unload or QueryUnload event handler that references another form.
I got this problem before but it is with access database

the problem was actually due to some of the connection was started again
as i was refering to some variable of some form that are invisible
those connection started up during form_load or form_intialize will stay there

hope this is useful

Just close the connection and workspace. i think this will help u
kdddbAuthor Commented:
I closed all connections.  Ex: ado_test.recordset.close or if I create the connection in code, I wrote set cn=nothing.

But this still didn't solve my problem.
You might have some other objects that aren't closed and set to nothing.  Anything that is declared using SET should also be closed (if it has a close methid) and then SET to nothing at some point.
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