making a 28.8 modem faster.

how do i make my external 28.8 modem the fastest it can possibly be?  it is a hayes accura v.34.  the isp i dial into does not tell me the speed i am connecting at.  but when i download files, the speed ranges from 1.5 kps to 2.3 kps.  it usually stays in the range of about 2.1-2.2.
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here's a couple of links with some tips for speeding up connections

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Using 'HyperTerminal',
send 'AT&F1' to the modem.
If it responds with "error",
then send 'AT&FW2' to the modem.

Then, send 'ATDTxxx-xxxx',
where 'xxx-xxxx' is the telephone-number of your ISP.
When the modem connects, the 'W2' setting (or the 'AT&F1' setting)
will cause a mesage like:
  CONNECT 31200/V34/xxx/yyy/zzz
to be displayed.
Type '+++' and wait 5 seconds.
Then, enter 'ATH' to "hangup" the modem.

Also, try 'W3' or 'W1' in place of 'W2'.
>>the isp i dial into does not tell me the speed i am connecting at.  

An ISP never tells what speed you connect; that's a mission of modem itself. When you see the two tiny monitors in the systray, put the mouse arrow over it and the tooltip will tell you the speed you're connected at.

Also, you can double-click over the monitors, and you'll get a window telling where you're connected to and what speed you're running at.

>  the tooltip will tell you the speed you're connected at.

No, it will tell you what the modem has reported, which is either the speed between the COM-port and the modem, or the actual modem-to-modem speed.

For a US Robotics modem (or clone), use 'AT&F1', and then the modem will report 'CONNECT nnnnn/xxx/yyy/zzz', where 'nnnnn' is the modem-to-modem speed.

For a Rockwell modem, using 'AT&F' will report the COM-port speed, while using 'AT&FW2' will report the modem-to-modem speed.
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