Need help with lilo.

I have my hard drive partitioned like this:

hda1    * Windows (only bootable partition)
hda2    extended partition
hda5    Linux native (logical partition)
hda6    Linux Swap (logical partition)
hda7    Extra room (logical partition Fat-16)

When I try to install Slackware 4.0 everything goes find until I get to the part about installing lilo to either the MBR or the superblock. When I choose superblock, it defaults to /dev/hda2 and will NOT allow me to change it!! Same thing happens if I try to install it as the MBR......  :( Now if I'm correct, the / of slackware 4.0 would be in hda5 and lilo should go there if I use a different boot manager.... What can I do?? I thought about trying to edit lilo, but I cant figure out how to since I'm new to this all.

Just tried to install Debian 2.1 and give up on Slackware, but the same thing happen... and I cant change the setup's decision to where I want to install lilo.
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cacheAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Just put it in the MBR and then at the LILO prompt type DOS to boot to windows if you want to.  I believe that the problem is the extended partition.  What is it?  I would just combine it with hda1 if it is a windows/dos partition.  If you need it split up, do it after you install linux.  You'll need partition magic for that, but it should fix the problem.
Windows/DOS only supports one primary partition on a hard drive, but every other OS in the world supports 4 primary partititions on a hard drive. The way to install slackware or any other Linux distribution is to put the / on a primary partition and then create a exteneded partition to put your other partitions on. This way you can safely and easily put lilo on the superblock of the root partition.

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cacheAuthor Commented:
I really didnt want more than one primary partition, but if thats the way I have to do it.... :) All this just makes me want to study Linux that much more... so I can get rid of Windows for good. :))

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