sendmail and multiple mail servers

My scenerio:
I have 2 mail accounts with two different ISP that require a userid/password to access them.  Before I was just using a mail client to get the mail, but now that I have DSL I want to pull the mail onto my linux box and do my mail from there.  Please keep in mind that have only been using Linux for 2 two weeks (Linux novice).  I have successfully setup IP Masq. and want to move on with more features.  So what do I need to do to have sendmail poll the two mail servers at timed intervals and pass it a uid/pwd then store it on my server.  Can I do this all with sendmail or do I need to use fetchmail in conj. with sendmail.

Can someone outline the steps for me?
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Sendmail N-E-V-E-R polls, it only receives, and sends.

What you need is fetchmail.

Install the fetchmail and fetchmail-conf rpm's and read the docs, it's very easy to set up.

But it does require a working sendmail on your system, since the mails are delivered locally via loopback.

your .fetchmailrc pretty much only needs a line like


just add a second line for the second account. you will have to replace all the UPPERCASE stuff to your data.


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(fetchmailconf gives you a X gui client to config fetchmail, works like a charm)
ivanhAuthor Commented:
Great.  Something I foregot to put in the descr.  One of locations just drops all mail into one box.  So would go in the same mailbox as  How would I seperate them on my side?  I'm assuming that since all fetchmail does is mail it to my local server is should just work?  I added 25 more points since it wasn't in the original.
Fetchmail can handle that aswell, and so can procmail.
ivanhAuthor Commented:
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