Automatically having the cursor in the text box

Look at this code:

   <HTML><TITLE>Drop down menu of publications</TITLE>
   <SCRIPT LANGUAGE="JavaScript">
// Identify browser
browserName = navigator.appName;
browserOK = true;
if (browserName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer")
browserOK = false;
if (browserOK) {
alert("Please use MICROSOFT INTERNET EXPLORER if you intend to use the 'Add HYPERLINK' button. This button will not work when using Netscape.")
//  -->
   <FONT SIZE=-2>
   Internet and Oracle database programming by <FONT COLOR=red>Marco Mastrocola</FONT>  email:<A HREF=""></A> &nbsp;
   <H2><BR><BR><CENTER>Choose a publication to edit<BR></H2>
   <FORM METHOD="post" ACTION="see_or_change.see_rec">
   Type in a publication number:<INPUT TYPE="text" NAME="typed_rec_in" SIZE=10 VALUE=" ">
   <INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="the_rec_number" VALUE="">
   <INPUT TYPE="submit"  VALUE="Show record">

All I want is for the cursor to automatically be in the text box when the page opens, instead of the user to have to click in the box before typing in a number.

How do I do it?
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I don't see a <body> tag in your document, but, if one were there, use:

<body onload="document.forms[0].typed_rec_in.focus()">

Should do it.


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Nathan Stanford SrSenior ProgrammerCommented:
Tom Post it as an Answer or I will what you suggest is the ANSWER.

Sorry, I just hate to have the unanswer questions lying around.
marcomaAuthor Commented:
That is just what I needed. Thanks.

As you can see, comments can be accepted as answers at any point by the questioner (but I agree about unanswered questions lying about).



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