My computer freeze

My computer freeze sometimes. It doesn´t matter if I´m surfing around or just writing something in Word. All activity just freeze for a couple of seconds and I don´t know why. I have upgraded programs in the computer, tried to uninstall programs but nothing helps.
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Are you running Windows 95? 95OSR2? 98? NT?
How much RAM in your computer?
Have you tried a "thorough" SCANDISK?
also defrag, without more info, it's hard to say for sure.
This is usually caused from programs running in the background.

Click on "start" then "run"
Type "msconfig"

Once in System Configuration Utility,

check "selective startup", and take the checks out of "autoexec.bat" and "config.sys"

Click on the "win.ini" tab on the top.  You should see a "windows" folder.  Click on the "+" symbol in the box to the left of it and take the checks out of the "Load=" and "Run=".

Click on the "startup" tab on the top.  Go through this list and check for anivirus software running.  If you find any in this list take the checks out in front of them.  This doesn't unistall them, it just keeps them from starting up when windows starts.

Click on ok and restart your computer.

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> Click on OK and restart your computer.

Do *NOT* forget to "undo" the above steps, so that your anti-virus software is reactivated.

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