A Hard drive that Can give more!

I just bought a 13gb HD, got it installed and windows too! But i receive the computer and windows tells me that i have a 8.4 Gb disk. I know that i can use a program like drivemanager or something from the company (in this case Maxtor) to go beyond the 8.4 Gb limit, but now that everyting is installed, i think it is too late, i dont know if the utility will wipe the content of the HD. I do not want that.... The tech that installed the hd surely not work very long on solving that, leaving me with something less that i paid for!

Hope you can help me..... again!
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Actually, i dont think he "left you" the problem here is that your system is to old, and does not have the int13h extensions in bios to handle >8,4Gbyte drives.

The point here is that regardless of if the drive util will wipe data (which they usually dont), you have no choise, part from replacing your motherboard in the system.

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You must use Partition Magic tool to create a new partition on your disk drive, without losing a single byte.

Of course, you must BUY the software package; but it really worths.
Even with PM, you may not be able to accomplish this withouth wiping the drive clean.

Check out the hard drive manufacturers web site to get their disk utility software.  This should let you create a patition on the drive to utilize the entire thing.

go back to the place that loaded the drive, and tell them about this.  If they are decent, they will help you out.
>>Even with PM, you may not be able to accomplish this withouth wiping the drive clean.

¿Are you really sure?, I've seen the most rare and obscure thing done with PM, and data deletion is almost non-existent.

But, unfortunately, I don't have PM now to test that, so, I must believe you...
The operable words are "may not".
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