This must be easy

i have an image with 531x648
i want to use it as background but i want it centered and not repeated
thanks in advance
bonus if answered in the next 30 minutes
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mgoergenConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Center an image and displaying it ones a time is not standart but you can use 2 tricks.

First is define a table with the size of the image and use the image as the background of the table. You can easy center it.

Second is to use CSS for doing it, but this one is not explained so easy as the first one. You have to define a layer and so one. Also you have to use Javascript to center it. So much move to do it. So I would prefer fisrt solution.

FranjasAuthor Commented:
this answer arrived to late because i was able to write som code to do it but i thank u any way.
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