How to change window style of diffrenet form derived from CFormView class in MDI application

I have MDI application and have one Mainframe window and one child window. I have three diffrent form derived from CFormView class. I want to change the property of Window of form. I am unable to do that?
Can anybody telll me how to do that.
Note: This application is created by MFC appwizard.
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bhatConnect With a Mentor Commented:
U must be having childframes for each view.

In child frame class for each view do the following

Add PrecreateWindow() function for each childframe class.

In the .cpp of childframe

BOOL CChildFrame1::PreCreateWindow(CREATESTRUCT& cs)
    = WS_DLGFRAME;                        
      return CChildFrame1::PreCreateWindow(cs);

The above code changes style to dlgframe of the particular view

Hope this helps
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