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Nearest prime number

How to write a C program to find a prime number nearest to an input interger num.
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Pls give more info. How many digits, what kind of algorithm to you want, is it a homework?
The gap between to prime numbers
near the number N is in average Log*N.

It meen you should just take from the number one more, one less, two more, two less and so on and check
(n+-1, n+-2, n+-3 ...)

Very fast You will find a prime !

How to check if its a prime ?

check all numbers from 2..root(n)
if noone divides it - its a prime.

bool IsPrime(int n)
      int i;
      bool IsAPrime=true;
      for (i=2; i<=sqrt(n); i++)
            if (n%i==0)

      return IsAPrime;


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>> to gap between TWO primes...
weweAuthor Commented:
 Yes!It is my homework.
 I have to write 2 function:
"isPrime" ~ find prime number,if the num is not a prime then return 0; else return 1.
"findPrime" ~ accept an interger and return a prime number which is nearest to it or the same as the given num.
 The findPrime function should call the isPrime function to find the prime number.
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