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Taking part of a bitmap

I have a bitmap loaded in a HBITMAP and I know the width and height . How can I create a HBITMAP that will have part of this image ( w/o being drawn first ) . For example , for a bitmap 100x100 i would take the 50x50 from 0x25 of the bitmap coordinates .
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You can create a new one and use something like BitBlt(). Or may be I don't catch your problem?
It is possible to access the bitmap bits directly and copy the ones you are interested in to a new bitmap. This however is non-standard since different color depths use different formats for storing bitmaps. If you know in advance what color depth you will be using, then this might be a good solution for you. If you are using 24-bit bitmaps, you can take a look at my CodeGuru article, Directly Accessing Pixels in a 24-bit Bitmap, at http://codeguru.developer.com/bitmap/pixel_access.shtml .
WxWAuthor Commented:
MichaelS : I will try to use BitBlt and inform you of the results .

slarti : I use 24-bit bitmaps so I will check ur article .

Yeah, simply use BitBlt. For DIBs, search for the CropDIB sample.

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