How can I find out MAXUSERS ?

Hi ,

I am working on SUN Solaris OS 2.6.

How can I find out the maximum no. of users ie., MAXUSERS
parameter from the UNIX system.

I have tried to open /etc/system

But , the parameter is not available. It seems , it has taken
default value.

How can I find out ?

Thanks in Advance.
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Available and useful parameters can be seen with sysdef -i.  But my Solaris 2.6 seems to no longer list MAXUSERS.
sgantaAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your quick reply. But I don't see the no. of users
in that list.

Thanks in advance.
found this at............

The maxusers variable has nothing to do with the number of users allowed on a system. It's one big knob that scales a number of other parameters simultaneously. The standard settings and derivations are more or less as follows, using /etc/system syntax:

* The big knob, scales automatically
set maxusers = <amount of available physical memory in MB>

* Maximum number of allowable processes; currently at most 30000
set max_nprocs = 10 + 16 * maxusers

* Max processes per user (5 are reserved for the super user)
set maxuprc = max_nprocs - 5;

* Number of quota structures (need one per user per filesystem
* w/ quotas)
set ndquot = maxusers * NMOUNT / 4 + max_nprocs

* Maximum size of the directory name lookup cache (DNLC)
set ncsize = 4 * (max_nprocs + maxusers) + 320
set ufs_ninode = ncsize

Hope it helps,
Why do you need to change maxusers, are you running out of
file descriptors?


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sgantaAuthor Commented:
Hi BigRon and Rickyr

Both of your answeres are helped me lot. Thank you
very much. But frankely Rickyr answer is more descriptive
that is why I am accepting his comment as answer, This
is because for the people who refer to the question.

In anyway I will also post the points for BigRon for your

Thanks & Regards
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