Proxy Servers

I have a small network with Proxy Server 2.0 installed.  

Under Internet Options, Connection, Dial-up settings , Settings I have added the information about my ISP's Proxy Server. Under LAN Settings I put the information for my Proxy Server 2.0 installed on my server.

I'm having various communication problems with my ISP (mostly e-mail) - could my internet connection configuration be causing these problems.
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LermitteConnect With a Mentor Commented:
By default the Proxy have every port close and there is no access to one port. It's you that must open a port on the proxy server and give access to the user for access Internet via the Proxy. So look at the setting from you proxy and special on permission.

Look at the Web proxy Service, Permission, enable access control.
Protocol WWW
Grant access to: Domain Users.

Apply and on the client site, give as proxy server you server \\proxyserver at port 80 in the Internet Explorer..

Where are you having these problems? On the Proxy Server or on one of the clients?
tlw2651Author Commented:
I'm having problems on the Client machines...  For instance, I can access the internet from the server but not from the client workstations.
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Did you install Proxy client on your clients PC & have your granted you clients the Appropriate right to go through your Proxy Server?

Kevin_Locke's right. Install the Proxy client by connecting to:
share and running Setup.exe.

this is very interesting point of ms proxy server.

for e-mail you should use socs proxy; and fo this you should install proxy client to the workstations. All is OK? NOOO. before this, you MUST uprgade your winsock configuration to winsock2 if you are using Win95 on client side.

look at download pages of MS: 


if you have this problem on win95 clients, download these updates, uninstall proxy client, install these updates then install again proxy client.

tlw2651Author Commented:
The client computers are Win NT workstations... sorry for not mentioning this earlier.
tlw2651Author Commented:
Thanks everybody for your inputs...
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