How to do Clipping path

Can any one tell me step by step how to do clipping path and then able to paste the image in another application.
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weedConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Its rather easy actually. Just create a path in your paths pallet that outlines the object you want to have within the clipping path. In your paths pallet menu choose "Clipping Path" and select the path you just created in the resulting menu. Then export your image as a Tiff. Import it into another program and if that program supports clipping paths it will apply the path. Easy as that. Now if you want to cut and paste its not going to preserve that path so you would command-click on your path in the paths pallet. That gives you a selection of your clipping path object. Copy, paste. Done.
fmuftiAuthor Commented:
I want to use the image in frontpage2K,??(How to do .TIF import) also the second option is not clear, can u elaborate it a little more
Oh well if youre using frontpage youre not going to be using clipping paths anyway. Clipping paths are ONLY useful for page layout programs like quark and InDesign. For frontpage you need to save your edited images as either Gif or Jpg. Then place them into frontpage. Clipping paths are useless to you in this case and just make your life harder.
fmuftiAuthor Commented:
what about using it in Macromedia FreeHand??????How to us then.... Actually if u write the steps in
2.... fomat I'll b more comfortable to comrehend. I know it will take ur more time but the outcome........I'll be obliged.
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