ISIS driver for ScanJet 6350Cse

I am trying to process documents in Adobe Capture 2.0 using an HP 6350 scanner.  I am forced to use PrecisionScan Pro and its TWAIN driver because there is not an included ISIS driver in Capture that supports the 6350.  Do you know where I can find the correct ISIS driver or a different Scanning interface other than PrecisionScan that supports ISIS?
Thank you,
Pamela Maloney
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johlariConnect With a Mentor Commented:
ISIS drivers are typically available for HP scanner from the software manufacturer, in this case Adobe.  If they do not have one you may me bale to get one from the source of ISIS drivers, Pixel Translations, through their web site  If yu get on through Pixel Translations, they will most likely want a fee, and that is the reason it would be preferred to go through Adobe.
pmaloneyAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
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