What steps would i have to go through to place an IBM AS400e model 9405-170 on to a Windows NT 4.0 ethernet network.
The above box will be used to host a web site
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jhanceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There is nothing special about an NT network.  The AS/400 supports the standard network protocols for just about any network.  

In the case of using it for a web server, you will certainly need to configure it for TCP/IP and assign it an IP address.  
NotoriousAuthor Commented:
What commands do i use to achieve this and also how do i place my web site which is currently being hosted by an external ISP on to the AS400.
You need far more help than can be given in a 50pt. EE question.

If you have no idea how to configure and run the AS/400, what are you doing with it anyway?  Why did you even buy the thing?
The As/400 is set up for IP by creating a Line description for your Ethernet card (CRTLIND) and then by configuring that kit within the TCP/IP administration (GO TCPADM). There you will see a menu that asks you to configure a variety of things including applications. However rather than be abusive to you like jhance I would advise that you get some serious training on the machine.
By the way, it's a 9406-170, not a 9405-170. You can go to the IBM iSeries (new name for AS400) information center. The networking link for the info center is
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