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Sendmail and POP3 problems

Well this is two questions on the same topic basically.
First of all, my SMTP was messed up.  

/var/spool/mqueue  the correct permissions for it are
root:mail drwxr-xr-x
but i found it can only send mail (remotely through smtp and locally) but chmod 4777 ing it (drwxrwxrwx)

That should not be.  It says permission denied if I use the correct permissions.  I am running LinuxPPC-1999 Q3 with all the latest updates (kernel 2.2.13) and all on a PowerMac 6500/250 btw.  And POP3 doesn't work. I nmap myself and it is running, I enabled it in inetd.conf and did killall -HUP inetd. locally it works but when i try to check it remotely (via spruce) it just wont work and when i try sending to my email (via my isp's smtp server) it says relaying denied.  This is the first time I am using the mail server, before I was running Eudora Intenet Mail Server on my IIfx and i just retired it yesterday and decided to switch my services onto Linux.  Please help!!!  

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epsilonAuthor Commented:
I REALLY need help with this!  =)
Add the entries for remote machines in /etc/mail/access
and update access.db as
makemap hash access.db < access
If you are using old relay_allow
enter the ip nos of remote machine in that file . all those are in
/etc/mail directory.
epsilonAuthor Commented:
I thank you for this quick response, but I would like to ask for more info.  It still does not work,

when i try fetchmail, it sayssocket error

when i try fetchmail thehang.dhs.org it says connection refused.  i tried what you said (maybe I am not doing something right ?)

and also, my /var/spool/mqueue dir, why does it only work as chmod 4777?  it is supposed to be 4755


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