win95 setup

i just bought computer and was trying to instsll win95 but it tells " setup found a compressed volume or a disk cache utilities on your computer. quit setup and check your compressed volume with your disk compressin s/w or remove the disk cache utility"
advice please step by step
somebody told me try fdisk but i tried it say 1dos partition, help would be appreciated
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ho_yin_leungConnect With a Mentor Commented:
If you don't mind install Win95 on a flash machine, try use FDISK to alll partition in every Harddisk. Then create a Primary partition in your HD to install Win95.
I guess the DiskCache or Compress volume problem could come from the Boot up floppy disk, Format a System disk and install Dos CD-Rom driver to create as Boot Disk can access CD-Rom drive or tune the BIOS boot up CD-Rom drive instead.
what do you have right now? dos6? show your config.sys and autoexec.bat too
Adam LeinssCommented:
You will notice that it will allow you to continue, even with this error message, you just have to hit the ESC key.  See if they have anything called drivespace or doublespace or something that looks like these names (think the filenames are called drvspace.bin and dblspace.bin) in the config.sys.  The drive could be compressed and that's what it is complaining about.  In this case, ho yin leung would be correct, use fdisk to delete every partition out of your system, make a primary parition, format that parition and then try to reinstall Windows.

Windows could also be talking about smartdrv.  It warns you about it, as smartdrv can inhibit Windows detection of devices during its search and find part of the install.

Again, fdisk and format will take care of both of these problems.
still there dinesh123?
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