User ID and Password for an Application.....

                User Login ID and a Password screen.

                I created a System Modal Dialog to get the Login and Password but I would like to know how and where should I store that

                May be
                1. Registry or
                2. File

                and I can use the CAPI to store the password in a cryptic way.

                I also have a Administartor Login and Password, but I would like to store it so that it does not get hacked or deleted ( file or
                registy), can anyone give me a solution for this?
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Hi Man,

 I hope you got the answer last time itself. Or do you want me to answer it again?

No Probs,
Feel free to ask.
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Hi Prasad,
 It is unfortunate the things that
 happened before.
 Since, I am new to this Discussion
 group. Actually, I want to propose the
 answer but I am not aware that it will
 lock the discussion list.

 Anyway, what is the current status?
 If u find anyother solution, please
 post it here.
---------------------------------------- If u make ur logic bit more complexity,
 then it will be complicated for
 malicious user to get into that.
 (complexity in logic,but not in task)
->Regarding the access of the Password
  File, I know, even the novice user can
  change the attribute of the file.But
  my intention is not that.
  There is a way, where u can restrict
  the user to read your file,deleting  
  it and even copying it.

Still, if u didnt find solution, we can
discuss more towards this solution.

bye for now

------> I dont want to make fool of
others. Instead, I am not aware of the
facts. thats the thing.

Comments over the solution(it will
refine our views) is always better than
comments towards the solution.

Good Luck

Hari>> Sorry man, for the misunderstanding. But you know there are some guys out here who simply lock the questions. Well i did not know you were new to the forum. WELCOME to it. And i agree that comments over solutions will refine our views. The same mission may be accomplished in mny ways and its the quest for the best that'll better us.

Feel free to interact.
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I thought there was a solution in this site..and i lost 10 points.
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