How do retrive data from crashed UnixWare 7 disk?

While I am playing with "dcu" I have removed few entries [SCSI inteface at IRQ 11, Network card at IRQ 10, Custom software at IRQ 7) from the "dcu". After saving this setting I am able to reboot the system. "gives the error vfs mount: / not found".
1. I have not partioned the disk of 2GB while installing.
2. I tried unix.old and but not booting.(same error repeates)
3. I tried putting it as secondary disk and tried to mount. But not able to mount the device. [mount -F vxfs /dev/hda/hda1/ /mnt]
How do I mount secondary disk in this case.
4. Can I get a basic "unix" kernel of UnixWare 7 which will fit in to 1.44MB floppy disk.
5. Can I reinstall the OS without damaging my data on the same disk.
6. What are the other alternatives.
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jmohanConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you try boting with Unixware CD? If not try this. The procedure can be found under
technical artical# TA105315
technical artical# TA105316
rs_hebbarAuthor Commented:
Hi Mohan,
 The TA105315/6 talks about UW 2. And UW7 TA refers to the above TA# of UW2. But UW 7 does not give the option of NON DESTRUCTIVE installation of the OS. How do I install without spoiling the data?

You said you tried to put it as second disk and mount this HDD on to the 1st HDD(another/ new) with working Unixware. Did you config. the second HDD using "diskadd [-F s5dm]"? Otherwise you can't access the 2nd HDD.
If you don't have any emergency_boot media buthave installation boot floppies and CD-ROM, then it is possible. The procedure is again available in TA#109264
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