How can I get the window of a software not to be always on top (foreground) when I have opened multiple software.
This software has no options to disable this function. I gather that I could change something in the registry under this software. It is not a known software.
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what is the software?  what does it do?  have you checked the help files in the software?
RogerRabbitAuthor Commented:
Yes and there is no doc. on this. Ok, sorry its a free connection to Internet using Alta vista and a window with publicity stays on top. I've heard that this can be modified in the registry but how. Its very annoying since it uses part of the screen.
good luck.  I have been trying to figure this out with netzero for a month or so with absolutely no luck whatsoever.   It eems, with Netzero, that there is actaully a link between the ads window being on top and the connection staying connected.  My results were varied and included; getting rid of the ads window altogether which caused more errors than Windows ever new about, being able to minimize the ads window which would disconnect from the internet, etc.  if you figure it out, I'd love to know how.
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RogerRabbitAuthor Commented:
Well maybe if we put this question up for more replies, someone might know how ?
I would solve this as follows:

1. Write a program that uses
   SetWindowPos with arg HWND_NOTOPMOST
   to make a window non-topmost.

2. If you know the 'classname' or the
   caption of the window, use FindWindow
   to get its handle. If this doesn't
   work for you, let me know how else
   you identify the window. You can
   find windows by thread id, etc.

3. If you want a window to be made
   non-topmost whenever it is created,
   keep your program running in the
   background, monitoring your system.
   Be sure to let your system run, by
   including a message loop and waiting
   inside the loop for a given amount
   of time to pass between checking
   the windows (use GetTickCount,
   Sleep, or SetTimer).

   For greater efficiency, use a
   Windows Hook to intercept window
   creation instead of waiting for it.
   Call SetWindowsHookEx and use the
   WH_SHELL arg.

Hope this helps.

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RogerRabbitAuthor Commented:
Write a program !

I'm not a programmer, can you help or is there another possibility or even suggestion. Maybe a freeware somewhere on the net.
Sorry. Anyway, that is how I would do it, and if you like I can go ahead and program it for you, at my customary rate for writing software.

There may very well be shareware programs to do what you want. I recommend that you search the Web. Or you can look on shareware sites. Here are a few to get you started:,,,

Good luck, and I hope this helps.

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