Reformating Windows 95

How do I reformat windows 95. I want to erase everything and start over like it was when I first got the computer. I have the master CD and disk. Can anyone help or give me a link to were I can find information on how to do that.
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thirdgcAuthor Commented:
Edited text of question.
Im not sure what you mean by "master disk". And i am assuming a IDE/ATAPI CD here.

1. download, run it to unpack the files.

2. format bootable floppy
3. Copy the following tools from \windows\command:
* fdisk
* sys
* format
* mscdex
* and all the files you got in step 1.
4. boot on this floppy, and at the command prompt type "format c: /s" this will wipe your C-drive.

5. reboot without floppy / CD loaded in drives.

6. Copy mscdex from the floppy ro c:\

7. insert the floppy from step 2 and type setupd  (to install CD drivers) WHen prompted for location of msedex.exe type c:\

8. reboot, without cd / floppy in drive

9. you can now start the setup from the windows CD

I do not know if the "master disk" you are referring to is some kind of setup floppy which has any of the above tools. BUt the above shoudl work regardless,
If you have a compoac or hp that comes with a floppy disk and cdrom, most of the time, you just put floppy disk in a: and cd cd drive turn on computer. it will format hard drive, extract files, ands you get system just like it was when you took it out of box.

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thirdgcAuthor Commented:
I have a packard bell. It came with a floppy and a cdrom. I inserted them and It said error creating error.log. Is there something wrong with the cd or is there something I'm doing wrong.
Let me an E-Mail and I will send you Files which you will copy on a floppy disk and install files system.I willexplain you in the mail.
This disk is an autoinstall disk for Windows 95 which recognize the most part of the CD Drives.
You put it on the Disk Drive, Th Win95 CD on the CD-ROM Drive, start up the computer and follow the instructions.
It will install Win95 without problems.
It's the method I use

the best way to format win 95 is by using 98 startup floppy disk because it include the commen cdrom drives.
if u want i can send a copy of all the files.
after thet just keep on with the Fdisk and Format commends.
if u need more help with those commends just let me know.
thirdgcAuthor Commented:
I called up the company and they helped me, thanks.
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