Diamond modem not recognized by win95

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I am doing an upgrade from a 233 to an AMD K6-2 400mhz motherboard.  The modem is a Diamond multimedia and was working fine in the 233 with Supramax 56i PCI setting on COM 2.  I have installed the modem into the new computer but I keep getting the message that it can't communicate with the modem.The new port is COM 1 (COM 2 is for the mouse)  Windows seems to think that the modem is correctly installed except if I click on "more details" on the modem setting I get the message "cannot read port name from registry".  Also,on boot up, Windows detects new hardware for the PCI serial controller but can't find a device driver for it.  Is this message related?. I have tried reseating the modem and also a different PCI slot. On boot up, the PCI devices listing that scrolls by doesn't include a modem.
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Try deleting the modem in device manager and see if you have a listing for HCFMODEM delete that as well.Delete all comm ports not in use in device manager even com1. reboot and go into setup and disable com1 or comA which ever it lists leave com2 enabled since you use it for your mouse. save and reboot and see if your modem installs correctly
Good Luck

P.S. I use a diamondmm Supramax 56i PCI myself.
I think that you should read over manual for the new motherboard. Check the CD that came with it and check the motherboard maker's website. Its possible that the motherboard needs a special patch or driver for functions on the motherboard. Sometimes these patches affect devices that you are trying to install.


I was talking to my co-worker and he suggested that the PCI serial controller is the modem. I agreed. You should go into device manager and look under, i believe, OTHER, it has a question mark as an icon. You should see a listing for PCI serial controller. Delete all other modems from the modem list first. Then hightlight the PCI serial controller entry and click properties. Select driver update and use your modem drivers or the ones that come with win98 disk. This should change that entry into the modem that you are looking for. It will require a reboot and upon booting up it should detect the modem as the diamond supramax 56i.

If you look under HCFMODEM as I suggested above you should find a device called PCI modem enumerator.If it is there delete it and the modem listing and follow my suggestion it should work.

PS not saying not to try what craig suggests


I tried all of your ideas. The modem seemed to install fine and I could click on "more info" in Diagnostics and look at the modem settings.  Unfortunately every time I tried to dial, Windows said that the modem wasn't installed.  After talking to a friend in the computer business, he said that some modems are like that! I proceeded to purchase a new modem which installed just fine.  Sometimes you just have to cut your losses and move forward.  Thanks for the help.

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