Clearing out old OS

I have purchased a used Pentium 75 system which ran Win 95 which was supposed to have been uninstalled. When I boot it up it tries to start Win95 and won't let me go to the A: prompt to install Win3.1. What is my next step. Help.
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Check the bios, andset it to use "a: c:" boot sequence. It seems to be set at "c: a:" now, which means that it tries to load from HD, and it seems the bootloader is still there.

You can also press F8 or F5 as soon as you see "Starting windows..." to get a menu where you can terminate boot.
norybAuthor Commented:
I am not necessarily rejecting the answer, but asking for more info. The BIOS is set at "a: c:".
When I press F8 I get a menu of 6 choices (none of which I clearly understand) Which one do I choose to "terminate boot"?
Again, thanks in advance
"safe mode command prompt"

BUT. If the system is set to a: c: and still ignores the floppy. Then you either have a bad floppy, or a bad diskdrive. You will not be able to fully wipe the system unless you can get it to boot cleanly from a floppy.

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J2 is right. If, even when BIOS boot sequence says "A:, C:", and you're still booting from C:, then it's possible:
a) Your floppy is not bootable
b) Floppy drive is not working
norybAuthor Commented:
I tried your suggestion and it worked fine.
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